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About Us

Sarah Jon Porreca and Jennifer Rosen were born and raised in Tampa, Fl. They mutually had a desire for fashion as well as fitness. In 2003, they met at a fitness competition where they both realized they had much more in common other than just reading fashion and fitness magazines; they soon discovered their shared passion to be fashion entrepreneurs. In 2009, Sarah Jon & Jennifer overheard fitness models competing in the Tri Fitness Challenge that took place in Vegas complaining that they wanted to look like a million bucks but just couldn’t afford it. A light went off in Sarah’s head as she imagined having the ultimate opportunity to rent the high couture dresses you would only dream of wearing at the fraction of the cost…and soon Lending Luxury was born!

They are excited to bring the world this luxurious concept of making fashion dreams come true. You will no longer have to skim through your favorite fashion magazines and wonder where you can get that dress or how you could ever afford it because here at Lending Luxury we turn your imagination into reality.

Q &A

Sarah Jon’s answers

  1. Favorite designer
    Gucci! Every time I walk by their store, I stop and take in all the sights and smells, and for a minute, I feel like I am truly in Italy.
  2. Favorite Accessory
    It’s got to be the shoes! The perfect pair of heels with your outfit will make you feel like you own the world.
  3. Biggest accomplishment
    Either winning Fear Factor in 2007 or being nominated “Woman of the Year” in 2009. Both were a huge accomplishment as well as a humbling experience.
  4. Best fashion Secret
    A good push up bra….or two! Nothing better that a sexy dress and a push bra with some heels so have people wondering…
  5. Best fashion advice ever received
    The best advice I ever received was from my Mom; She always told me to walk with confidence in whatever outfit I wear as I make the outfit, the outfit does not make me. Confidence truly is your best accessory…. it goes with anything!
  6. Goal in 5 years
    To design a bathing suit line where sexy meets comfortable yet affordable. It is hard to come by a good suit without spending hundreds of dollars.
  7. Designer you would love to meet
    Coco Chanel. She must have so many fashion stories and secrets!
  8. Biggest Fashion Idol
    Audrey Hepburn. She is simply amazing!
  9. Favorite quote
    “A person will be just about as happy as they make up their mind to be.” –Abraham Lincoln
  10. Type of style you would love to design
    Bathing Suits and simple black dresses with a contemporary twist.

Jenn’s Answers:

  1. Favorite designer:
    Chanel as she is known for her classic and timeless pieces.
  2. Favorite Accessory
    You can never go wrong with a great pair of black pumps they most likely will go with just about every outfit.
  3. Biggest Accomplishment:
    Winning the 2004 Women’s Tri-Fitness Competition, which had over 200 athletes.
  4. Best Fashion Secret
    Always wear something a little shorter as the more legs you show the slimmer you look. You can’t forget the higher the shoes the better, as they will elongate your legs as well.
  5. Best fashion advice ever received
    Always invest in a great pair of jeans, as they are worth it. There is nothing like a pair of jeans that fit perfect!
  6. Goal in 5 years
    My goal in five years is for Lending Luxury to be successful, open a store, and work on having my own line of clothing... maybe even a shoe line!
  7. Designer you would love to meet
    I obviously would have loved to have met Chanel, but in today’s world I would have to say Dolce & Gabbana.
  8. Biggest Fashion Idol
    Victoria Beckham as she is always put together so well and picks out pieces that flatter herself so perfectly.
  9. Favorite quote
    “Live each day like it’s your last, as you never know what the next day will bring you”
  10. Type of style you would love to design
    I would love to design a contemporary line that includes fabulous dresses and pieces that flatter every women’s curves.